The Second Leap

Welp, the cat is out of the fucking bag and there is no wrangling it back in.

gif-cat-bag-animals-435460Which I’ve never really understood that saying…because cats are always getting into bags….it’s hard to get them out sometimes.

Anyways, I’ve finished the third draft of Satan & Shitty Situations: A Modern Girls Guide  .

Shout out to snapchat for making them makeup-less days manageable.

And then I got the balls to ask the ladies of my book club to read it…

dat hair doe

And if you don’t think that asking them didn’t have me sweating…well just look at my fucking heart rate.

Then after combing through and doing a shit-ton of research I complied a list of 28 Literary Agents to query and pitch this novel to. You should check out Millie’s blog on Querying Agents, I love it! And there is CATS!

That’s a lotta work, Bill….

Sooo, I plan on querying three agents a week until something happens…until anything happens…until I pull my hair out happens. And if I can’t catch anything, well fuck. I guess I need to start over again…but here’s hoping that I’m a good enough fisherman.

Dat bASS

Until then…I’ll be doing some flash fiction things. So, stay tuned!


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